I’m Amanda, and my journey through education has been anything but conventional! As a child, reading did not come easy to me. It wasn’t until 2nd grade when I received one-on-one reading intervention that the letters on the page started to make sense. Before then, I was always the last student to finish work, if I was able to finish it at all. I didn’t understand how these symbols, called letters, made sounds.

Throughout the rest of my school career, I always wondered what the disconnect was. The frustration of feeling ‘less than’ lingered until I discovered a familial thread of dyslexia. My father, uncle, and cousin shared this trait, shedding light on my struggles. Things really began to change when I relocated to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and serendipitously crossed paths with Bonnie Nicks at The Learning Center. It was a turning point – my knowledge about dyslexia expanded, and so did my determination to make a difference.

Prior to moving to Bowling Green, I earned my teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree in elementary education, early childhood special education, and a minor in mathematics from Wayne State University, where I equipped myself to understand the diverse needs of learners. Furthering my commitment, I pursued a master’s degree in instructional design and curriculum development from Western Kentucky University.

After moving back to the metro Detroit area, I started my own practice of reading intervention, The Learning Studio, with Bonnie’s expert guidance and mentorship. Over the past several years, my business has welcomed reading and math interventionists to the team, allowing us to reach an expanding number of children and instill in them the confidence they rightfully deserve.

My true passion lies in dismantling the barriers to reading for all struggling readers. Drawing from personal experiences, I strive to make reading accessible for all families in a way that is effective, engaging, and backed by science. I envision a world where no child feels the frustration I did, and where resources and support are readily available for struggling readers and their families.

We’re thrilled that you’ve discovered ECR, and it’s truly an honor for us to be a part of your child’s reading journey.