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Who can use this program?

ECR is for parents who are looking for a way to teach their child to read with or without any prior knowledge of teaching reading.


Each lesson includes a teaching video or review slides, tutorial videos for each activity, interactive activities for practice and printable resources for more practice.


Some sections of the lesson will rotate. Here is a general overview of the lesson components:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Sound Drill
  • Introduce or Review a Concept
  • Sweeping Drill
  • Word Reading
  • Word Study
  • Sentence Reading
  • Decodable Reading
  • Red Words
  • What’s My Symbol
  • Spelling Dictation
  • Sentence Dictation

*Explain the significance of each of the components*


Our program progresses in a way that builds on the previously learned skill


Not necessarily. First, you will administer a guided placement assessment. The assessment results will tell you where to begin in the program.


*Skills checks


Yes, however, a desktop, laptop or tablet is best suited for this program. We discourage the use of a phone.


Yes, the program incorporates interactive features to make the learning experience enjoyable.


The printables provided are often game based, reinforcing concepts learned.

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